About me

If I opened your wardrobe right now, I would surely find some labeled or brand new garments; several clothes that you practically don’t wear but you find hard to get rid of because they have sentimental value; and others that you bought at a ridiculous price, but now you don’t know how to wear them or how to combine them, because they aren’t really your style, it was just a momentary impulse, the one that made you take them home.

Am I wrong? That closet I opened could have been mine years ago, and I want to tell you which two circumstances made me start to change my way of consuming fashion.

The first one, was to train myself as an image consultant, fashion has always been my great passion and to help people feel good about their own skin and find their true style, my constant motivation.

And the second has been to discover a more positive, conscious and respectful way of looking at fashion, not only towards myself, but also towards others and the world around me, which undoubtedly belongs to our children.

Because “your image matters, and the earth does too”.

Welcome to the slow world!

Begoña Lagarón · Slow Fashion Consultant

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